8th Annual Hollywood Film Festival® & Hollywood Awards®
October 12-18, 2004

2004 Hollywood Film Festival Program
Feature Films - Documentaries - Short Subjects


USA - World Premiere

87 mins. A beautiful medical student is assigned to probe into the mind of Don Wake, a murderous mental patient at a psychiatric hospital loaded with secrets. The further she reaches into his past, the deeper she sinks into his world of delusion, until she begins to question her own reality.

Director: Mark Edwin Robinson Writer: Mark Edwin Robinson Producer: Brady Nasfell Cast: Kelly Overton, James Haven, Joe Morton, Hank Harris, Diane Venora, Sara-Jane Potts, Edie McClurg

USA - California Premiere

94 mins. In a small town of rolling fields and endless skies, an isolated sixteen-year-old boy meets a sweet and troubled young girl. Together they find what they are looking for -- but with tragic consequences.

Director: Mark Milgard Writers: Mark Milgard, Robb Williamson, R.D. Murphy Producer: Molly M. Mayeux Cast: Vincent Kartheiser, Taryn Manning, Arliss Howard, Mare Winningham, Blake Heron, Michelle Forbes, Marshall Bell, Shawn Reaves


88 mins. On their way to a wedding, six friends decide to spend the night at a spooky little Southern bed-and-breakfast. But little rest is had by anyone before the owner turns up dead from an apparent heart attack and his cook is found splattered all over the kitchen. Now caught up in the middle of a murder investigation, plans to attend anyone's wedding are bleak, especially when the townsfolk suddenly turn into flesh eating ghouls.

Director: Matthew Leutwyler Writer: Matthew Leutwyler Producers: Jun Tan, EJ Heiser Cast: Ever Carradine, Jeremy Sisto, Erik Palladino, Gina Philips, Bianca Lawson, Oz Perkins

USA - World Premiere

87 mins. The story of the inhabitants of a small town who are robbed and harassed by creatures known as Takits. Until everyone decides to "take back" what is rightfully theirs.

Director: John Michael Williams Writer: John Michael Williams Producer: Frank Drucker Cast: Brooke Shields, Joe Pantoliano, James Woods, Sandra Bernhard

UK - Premiere

100 mins. A picnic on a perfect day in the English countryside becomes a sudden moment of crisis as a hot air balloon plunges from the sky. A young boy is in danger and Joe (Daniel Craig), and three other men race to the rescue. In their attempt, one of the men meets a spectacular and totally unpredictable death. Joe is haunted with guilt for his part in the matter. Another rescuer, intense and obsessive Jed (Rhys Ifans), fixates on Joe and sets about to systematically destabilize his life, his career, and his connection with his longtime girlfriend, Claire (Samantha Morton). A thriller about the need to find meaning in accident, Enduring Love, based on Ian McEwanıs best-selling novel, explores the conflict between affection that destroys and affection that heals.

Director: Roger Michell Writers: Joe Penhall, Ian McEwan (novel) Producer: Kevin Loader Cast: Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans, Samantha Morton

USA - Premiere
By Invitation Only

85 mins. When three generations of a deliciously dysfunctional family gather to bury the family patriarch, the beloved granddaughter of the deceased is given the task of delivering the eulogy. In the days leading up to the funeral, she tries to hold her lunatic clan together as secrets are revealed, old grudges resurface, and the household erupts with renewed vigor.

Director: Michael Clancy Writer: Michael Clancy Producers: Lucas Foster, Kendall Morgan, Bo Hyde, Rory Rosegarten, Jonas McCord, Shelly Glasser Cast: Hank Azaria, Jesse Bradford, Zooey Deschanel, Glenne Headly, Famke Janssen, Piper Laurie, Kelly Preston, Ray Romano, Rip Torn, Debra Winger

UK - Premiere

106 mins. A tale of magic and fantasy inspired by the life of James Barrie, the real-life author of the children's classic Peter Pan. The film is a fictional account of Barrie's creative journey to bring Peter Pan to life, from his first inspiration for the story up until the play's premiere at the Duke of York's Theatre -- a night that will change not only Barrie's life, but the lives of everyone close to him.

Director: Marc Forster Writers: David Magee, Allan Knee (play) Producers: Richard N. Gladstein, Nellie Bellflower Cast: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, Radha Mitchell, Dustin Hoffman

USA - World Premiere

102 mins. A brutal warlord wants to uncover an ancient book of spells, but there is only one person, whose birthright had been foretold, who possesses the power of reading the mysterious writing. The warlord sends his two sons to find this person -- who turns out to be a beautiful female warrior. One brother brings her love, the other death. After she loses one and defeats the other, she must meet her real father and fulfill her long anticipated destiny.

Director: Jimmy Nickerson Writers: Glen Hartford, Rod Hewitt Producers: Glen Hartford, Daniel Toll Cast: Marie Matiko, Sung Kang, Karl Yune, Tony Amendola, Ron Yuan, Al Leong, Bruce Locke, Chris Coppola, Andrew Divoff

USA - World Premiere

86 mins. A local Jersey boy-made-good returns to his hometown to ask his old girlfriend to marry him. Thomas Wolfe wrote You Can't Go Home Again. With a wedding ring and a dream, Joey Parker leaves Manhattan to prove him wrong.

Director: Dennis Brooks Writer: Dennis Brooks Producers: Dennis Brooks, Eric Edborg, Jeremiah Samuals, Stephan Schindler Cast: Paul Sorvino, Debi Mazar, Nick Chinlund, Kim Dickens, Richard Edson, Steven Tyler

USA - L.A. Premiere

84 mins. A young woman seeking her missing sister goes undercover in a Catholic halfway house filled with plenty of naughty girls, a perverted handyman, a monster in the basement, and a wicked nun, played by cult film legend Mary Woronov. There's enough blood, bodies, and bad behavior to whet the appetite of any Halloween movie trick-or-treater.

Director: Kenneth J. Hall Writer: Kenneth J. Hall Producer: Ed Polgardy Cast: Mary Woronov, Janet Tracy Keijser, Shawn Savage, Stephanie Leighs, Joseph Tatner, Athena Demos

USA - Premiere

95 mins. An extraordinary family adventure, I Am David follows a twelve-year-old boy as he boldly escapes from an East European prison camp and makes an incredible personal journey to freedom. Fleeing with only a compass, half a loaf of bread, and a sealed, secret letter he must carry across the continent, David cannot foresee the dramatic odyssey that awaits him. From stowing away on a ship bound for Italy, to facing his fears of the dangerous outside world, to the unexpected revelation of his true identity, David discovers for the first time the real meaning of courage, trust, laughter, and hope.

Director: Paul Feig Writers: Paul Feig, Anne Holm (novel) Producers: Clive Parsons, Davina Belling, Lauren Levine Cast: Ben Tibber, Joan Plowright, Jim Caviezel, Maria Bonnevie, Viola Carinci, Silvia De Santis, Francesco De Vito, Paco Reconti, Hristo Shopov, Allesandro Sperduti

Sweden - U.S. Premiere

100 mins. A failed author means well but creates chaos. An unlucky soldier gets on the wrong train. A doctor conspires with his mistress to murder his wife. A gay man hates men -- and women even more. Another gay man. A mysterious lady. Two nuns with religious doubts. All these are supervised by a pedantic conductor on a train nonstop, Stockholm-Berlin 1945.

Director: Peter Dalle Writer: Peter Dalle Producer: Patrick Ryborn Cast: Robert Gustafsson, Gosta Ekman, Peter Dalle, Gustaf Hammarsten, Magnus Roosmann, Kristina Tornqvist, Anna Bjork, Lena Nyman, Lars Amble, Marie Goranzon

Australia - U.S. Premiere

96 mins. Josh Jarman wants only one thing: to get his play produced in a proper theater with a decent audience. But ambition comes at a price. Along with Josh's deal of a lifetime comes a sexy, hyperactive girlfriend, a ruthless producer, an unscrupulous director, and the girl next door, who may be just what Josh is looking for ... if only he knew it. Yes, Josh Jarman only wants one thing in life ... and he'll do almost anything to get it.

Director: Pip Mushin Writer: Pip Mushin Producers: Pip Mushin, Eva Orner Cast: Marcus Graham, Daniela Farinacci, Damien Richardson, Kestie Morassi, Kim Gyngell

West Coast - West Coast Premiere

93 mins. Dave and Greta are facing the challenges of any marriage: trying to keep their lives interesting, dealing with the anxieties of having children... But overall, Dave thinks life's pretty good -- until he meets the gorgeous and predacious Lily, setting off a chain reaction of events affecting Dave, Greta, and their circle of friends. As Dave quickly discovers, trying to juggle love, sex, and friendship can tie your life completely in knots.

Director: Greg Lombardo Writers: Greg Lombardo, Neil Turitz Producers: Greg Lombardo, Neil Turitz, Dan Abrams Cast: John Stamos, Scott Cohen, Michael Campbell, Tara Reid, Annabeth Gish, Paulina Porizkova

Belgium - U.S. Premiere

70 mins. Max decides to kill himself, and he asks his best friend to film his last day.

Director: William August Writers: William August, Daphnis Boelens Producer: Giles Daoust Cast: Pierre Lekeux, Caroline Veyt, William August, Muriel Ferrer, Dan Sluijzer, Daphnis Boelens

USA - Gala U.S. Premiere
By Invitation Only

119 mins. Set in a forgotten section of New Orleans, Purslane Hominy Will (Scarlett Johansson), a jaded teenage loner, returns to the city of her childhood upon hearing of her mother's death. Expecting to find her mother's house abandoned, Pursy is instead shocked to discover that it is inhabited by two men whose lives took a wrong turn years before. Friends of her mother's, Bobby Long (John Travolta), a former literature professor, and his protege/biographer Lawson Pines (Gabriel Macht) have been firmly rooted in the dilapidated house for years with no intention of leaving. When all three stand their ground, they are forced to try to live together, setting the stage for the story of three people and their unlikely home. As time passes, Bobby, Lawson, and Pursy are surprised by the secrets they discover about themselves and their histories, revealing the seemingly small choices that have inextricably intertwined their lives.

Director: Shainee Gabel Writer: Shainee Gabel Producers: Bob Yari, R. Paul Miller, David Lancaster Cast: John Travolta, Scarlett Johansson, Gabriel Macht, Deborah Kara Unger, Dane Rhodes

Spain - Premiere

102 mins. Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale) hasn't slept in a year, which has led to a shocking deterioration of his physical and mental health. In this psychological thriller, Trevor's only solace comes from his call-girl girlfriend (Jennifer Jason Leigh) when his world becomes a living nightmare as cryptic notes turn up in his apartment and he has visions of a co-worker no one else can see. Are these mysteries part of a plot to drive him mad? Or has fatigue simply robbed him of reason? Determined to find answers, he embarks on a journey of self-awareness; yet the more he learns, the less he wants to know.

Director: Brad Anderson Writer: Scott Kosar Producer: Julio Fernandez Cast: Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, Michael Ironside, John Sharian

Romania - World Premiere

100 mins. When a young drifter is forced to stay the winter in a small seaside town, he inadvertently becomes the catalyst for deceit, double crossings, and murder amongst the locals.

Director: Jevon OıNeil Writer: Jevon O'Neil Producer: Kim Leggatt Cast: Gina Gershon, Jordan Frieda, Dominique Swain, Dennis Hopper, William Armstrong, Jim Carter, David Murray

USA - Premiere

97 mins. A thirtysomething divorcee's life gets a seriously sexy jolt when she meets a twentysomething grad student ... a grad student who just happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to her high school sweetheart who died twenty years earlier.

Director: Dylan Kidd Writers: Helen Schulman, Dylan Kidd Producers: Robert Kessel, Anne Chaisson, John N. Hart, Jeffrey Sharp Cast: Laura Linney, Topher Grace, Paul Rudd, Lois Smith, Gabriel Byrne, Marcia Gay Harden

Australia - U.S. Premiere

108 mins. Two things happen on Stephanie's birthday. She starts work on the peach sorting line at the local cannery and her grandfather gives her dead mother's diary to her. Peaches deals with accepting loss and change, and learning to move on. It is about how tragedy can shape, can limit, life -- if you let it -- or how you can choose to reinvent your vision of the world. It is a story of individuals accepting the mistakes and the losses of the past and starting again, just as an entire community faces the realities of economic change. It is about daring to embrace the potential of life.

Director: Craig Monahan Writers: Craig Monahan, Don Reynolds, Margot McDonald Producers: Craig Monahan, Don Reynolds, Margot McDonald Cast: Hugo Weaving, Jacqueline McKenzie, Emma Lung, Mathew Le Nevez, Samantha Healy, Tyson Contor

UK - U.S. Premiere

96 mins. Set in London's East End, Pure is a story about innocence, seen through the eyes of ten-year-old Paul. Following the death of his father, he takes on the role of caretaker to his mother, Mel, and his younger brother, Lee. Paul's hunger for his mother's affections is as moving as her inability to respond as she seeks solace in drugs. With heroic optimism, Paul takes drastic steps to rescue Mel from her addiction. But only when she hits rock bottom is Mel able to summon the power to save herself and her family.

Director: Gillies Mackinnon Writer: Alison Hume Producer: Howard Burch Cast: Molly Parker, David Wenham, Geraldine McEwan, Kate Ashfield, Gary Lewis, Karl Johnson, Keira Knightley, Nitin Ganatra, Marsha Thomason, Harry Eden

USA - World Premiere

103 mins. Renny Meeks is a lonely, mentally challenged man, trying to live a simple life away from the people he supposedly harmed. As Renny reintegrates himself into the Arkham Heights society, a series of murders on film strangely begin to occur, much like the crime he was accused of ten years before. Scared, Renny turns to Alice, a checkout girl at the grocery store where he works. In a tumultuous and surprise ending, Renny and Alice must face an entire town intent on seeing Renny die for the crimes they believe he committed.

Director: Erik Clapp Writer: Erik Clapp Producers: Mark Mahlo, Erik Clapp, Jason Todd Hampton, Herb Pease Sr. Cast: Merk Harbour, Susana Gibb, Richard Folmer, Phil Harrington, Gail Cronauer, Dell Johnson

UK - U.S. Premiere

83 mins. In this sharp comedy, three actors play a great variety of roles and show what happens when Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci all end up living on the same street in Surbiton.

Director: Peter Richardson Writers: Phil Cornwell, Peter Richardson, John Sessions Producer: Ben Swaffer Cast: Phil Cornwell, John Sessions, Ronni Ancona

USA - Premiere

107 mins. A stylish and atmospheric film with a Southern gothic flavor, Undertow takes place in rural Georgia. Chris, a teenage troublemaker, and his younger brother, Tim, live with their widowed father, who is suddenly visited by his brother, an ex-con with scores to settle. After a confrontation between their father and uncle, Chris and Tim flee. On the run with their uncle in pursuit, they are caught in a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse.

Director: David Gordon Green Writers: David Gordon Green, Joe Conway Producers: Lisa Muskat, Terence Malick, Edward R. Pressman Cast: Jamie Bell, Josh Lucas, Devon Alan, Shiri Appleby, Dermot Mulroney

Germany - U.S. Premiere

95 mins. A film that plays with your mind and makes you question your perception of reality.

Director: Ayassi Writer: Michael Wallner Producers: Ayassi, Horst Riediger, Sascha Wolfram Cast: Detlef Bothe, Anna Thalbach, Thomas Bestvater, Karin Baal, Bernd Tauber, Ingeborg Westphal

Turkey - U.S. Premiere

110 mins. The sequel to 2000's comedy drama Vizontele. In the original, the arrival of a television in a backwater town in the Kurdish southeast during the 1974 Cyprus crisis led to upheavals and realignments. Now, the action unfolds against the backdrop of the 1980 military coup.

Director: Yilmaz Erdogan Writer: Yilmaz Erdogan Producer: Necati Akpinar Cast: Yilmaz Erdogan, Tuba Unsal, Demet Akbag, Tarik Akan, Altan Erkekli

The Netherlands - U.S. Premiere

96 mins. In the year 1895 in the famous Jordaan Quartier of Amsterdam we meet Kees Bakels, a twelve-year-old, daydreaming schoolboy who develops into a doer. Wild fantasies and dramatic events lead him to discover Rosa, his first love. Based on the Dutch classic by Theo Thijssen, Young Kees is a beautiful impression of 1895 Amsterdam and a story in which we can all recognize a part of ourselves.

Director: Andre Van Duren Writers: Bob in'T Hout, Maarten Lebens Producers: Matthijs Van Heijningen, Guurtje Buddenberg, Terry Glinwood Cast: Ruud Feltkamp, Hannah Cheney, Theo Maassen, Monic Hendrickx, Tjitske Reidinga, Hans Kesting

Germany - U.S. Premiere

85 mins. Dejan cannot find his way back to a normal life. The pictures of the war in Bosnia are tormenting and delusions are replacing reality. But after meeting Anna, he decides finally to return from his "Yugotrip," however painful the process.

Director: Nadya Derado Writer: Nadya Derado Producer: Sascha Schwingel Cast: Stipe Erceg, Lena Lauzemis, Miranda Leonhardt, Nadja Soukup

2004 Hollywood Film Festival Program
Feature Films - Documentaries - Short Subjects


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